A license to learn

Tonight my husband, Todd, and I assisted in administering amateur radio exams. Yes, we are both HAMs, which came in very handy during our sailing adventures. To legally use the amateur radio frequencies, a person must pass an exam to gain their radio station license. Gaining one’s HAM license doesn’t demonstrate that one is an expert in all things amateur radio, rather it’s “a license to learn.”

When Todd and I were crossing the Pacific in our 34 foot sailing vessel, my flickering flame of faith was getting fanned into something larger. My haphazard prayers for Todd’s salvation became somewhat more frequent. After arriving in New Zealand, my once guttering faith candle had become something more akin to a blazing campfire. Todd and I were at many different services and events where the Gospel message was presented clear as day. Or so it seemed to me. When I would ask Todd what he thought, the response was generally something like, “I just don’t get this whole resurrection thing.” To Todd, the message was clear as mud.

When Todd eventually came to faith (another post for another time!) he said, “I feel like I now have a license to learn.” To which I agreed wholeheartedly. Coming to faith in Jesus as the one who frees us from our sins and welcomes us into the Kingdom of God doesn’t mean that the new believer is an expert in all things Christian. This new-found faith is just the beginning of a relationship with Jesus. There are myriads of experiences and understandings still to be lived and developed. Faith in Jesus is the first step; it is our “license to learn” all there is to know and all that the Holy Spirit is eager to teach.