An Example of Being Fair

by David Mandeville

My son came home with a school assignment today:

Have you ever been in a situation in which you thought you were treated unfairly? Did you do anything to solve the problem so that the unfair situation changed to a fair one in your mind? Explain what happened.

Here is David’s story:

Once me and my friend were at a party and I won much more games than my friend. After we were done playing games my friend was very sad but not crying. Also for every game you won you got candy. So I had much more candy than my friend. So what I did was tell my friend to put all his candy on a table. After he did that I put all my candy on the same table. Then I made piles of the same type of candy. Secondly, I split each pile of candy evenly. But… some piles of candy didn’t have an even amount of candy. So what I did was from the piles of candy that had an odd amount of candy I gave one piece of candy to my friend’s Mom and Dad. I had to be fair to my friend’s Mom and Dad too. My friend’s Dad had more than my friend’s Mom. So I took one piece from my friend’s Dad’s candy and gave it to my friend. After that everything went well.

David wants everyone to know that this is a true story. David is an eight year old third grader. He loves to write.