Cutting Out Body Parts: Anesthesia Drunkenness

I’ve been drunk for a week. Well, not actually drunk. I’ve been feeling drunk for a week.

A week and a half ago, I had my gall bladder removed. It was supposed to be an outpatient procedure, but after surgery my digestive system quit functioning. Hours after surgery, in spite of having three liters of I.V. fluid pumped into me, an ultrasound scan showed that my bladder had only one cup of liquid. Then I started vomiting in their bags. The doctor and nurses didn’t like that. Once I quit vomiting and started peeing and tooting the next day, they let me go home. The day after that I even started pooping. *ahem* That night and the next day I actually felt pretty good! And I barely needed any pain medicine.

Enter Monday. A week ago Monday I started feeling light headed. And I kept feeling tired and lightheaded. By Tuesday I was off the pain meds, but I couldn’t kick the inebriated feeling. By Wednesday, it hadn’t diminished. I started calling friends to arrange rides to the follow up appointment with my surgeon scheduled the next day.

He says it’s lingering effects of anesthesia and might last for a few more —WEEKS! Ugh.

So the big news is that I rode my bike today! Yesterday’s big news was that I folded two loads of laundry, washed two more, hung those to dry, AND did the dishes. Woo hoo, let the good times roll!

I asked Tim Fall what surgery mean for the Body of Christ imagery in the Bible. He suggested, “If your hand offends thee… ?”

My gall bladder offended me, I had it cut out.

[If I were feeling better, this post would have been longer and more interesting. *sigh*]