I used to dream of having a place where I could go and no one would bother me while I was there. I could walk in, close the door and no one would make demands upon me. Over time, this dream turned into a vision of a real place in our house.

The master bedroom closet and another bedroom’s closet are back to back and both are perpendicular the south wall of the house. One day I realized that I was envisioning a  five foot square space remodeled from the south end of these two closets. A large window that looks out upon the yard completes it. There isn’t anything in it except for carpet on the floor. It’s a place I would envision crawling into then curling up in a corner while looking outside through the window.

This spontaneous daydream doesn’t come to me anymore. Probably a healthy thing. I think I have spent much of my life wanting to watch life, but not wanting to fully engage and interact with life. Or perhaps I’m simply an introverted observer.