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“Scrooge: Individualism Run Amok” published today!

My latest article for Christ and Pop Culture (CAPC) Magazine, “Scrooge: Individualism Run Amok,” has been published today!

CAPC Magazine issue 4 of 2020: Traditions

It’s currently behind the CAPC members’ paywall. For a mere $5/month you can pay excellent writers and also have access to the full magazine and back issues, the members-only community group, and the current rotation of free e-books and music in the member zone.

I cannot say enough good things about the people and conversations in the members-only community group. JOIN US!


Pop Quiz Time!

My eight year old son had this question on his mathematics homework yesterday:

“Kari has a red, blue, green and yellow shirt. She has a skirt and a pair of jeans. How many outfits can she make?”

What is the answer? Explain your reasoning.