#YesIStruggle with Depression, ADHD, and LackofSleep

(I got the hashtag wrong the first time around, so I’ve published a whole new post to make it right. Ha Ha Ha! How’s that for evidence of LackofSleep?)

I desired to write eloquently about my current struggles with trying to find the right ADHD medication as well as my difficulties with LackofSleep. All of which is putting me into a zombie-depressed state. Instead, I give you my twitter exchanges on the subject and the lovely empathy I received.


Those Seductive Suits — #StumblingBlock discussion on BreakPoint.org

The admonitions regarding “what should/should not women wear so as not to cause lust in men” have always struck me as misguided at best and damaging at worst. Last week The Salt Collective ran a satirical post on this issue. The ensuing debate in the comment section inspired my On Modesty bit of fiction, but I still couldn’t articulate my thoughts in plain prose. The discussion on Gina Dalfonzo’s post, Those Seductive Suits, at The BreakPoint Blog has come to my rescue.

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Plotter or Pantster? Two Roads to a Final Product — Guest Post

It is my great privilege to host Skylar Hamilton Burris today. I featured her last week in my post: Life’s Shiny Facets and Dark Pain. Along with the books mentioned in her post, Ms. Burris is also the author of Conviction.

When it comes to the writing process, there are two primary types of writers: the plotter and the pantster. The plotter meticulously plans her novel from the beginning, outlining the skeleton of the story and then weaving the flesh around it as she writes. The pantster, as the odd name implies, tends to fly by the seat of her pants. She simply begins writing without an outline and sees where the story will take her.

I’m a pantster, and I have been ever since I began to write. Continue reading Plotter or Pantster? Two Roads to a Final Product — Guest Post

On Modesty

Fiction inspired by the comment section of
When Suits Become a Stumbling Block: A Plea to My Brothers in Christ 

They told me not to wear yoga pants,
–so I stopped wearing yoga pants.

They told me not to wear shorts,
–so I stopped wearing shorts.

They told me not to display myself in public,
–so I stopped running.

They told me not to show skin,
–so I stopped swimming.

They told me to not cause lust by what I wore
–so I dressed like a prepubescent girl.

And then I was raped by a pedophile.

Writing Process Blog Tour: Life’s Shiny Facets and Dark Pain

Thanks to B. A. Wilson for inviting me to be part of the Writing Process Blog Tour.

What am I working on? Last November, using NaNoWriMo as a much needed kick in the pants, I began writing Hartfield, a sequel to Jane Austen’s Emma. I did achieve my 50,000+ word count goal in November and then promptly shelved it in the face of other life events.

Hartfield focuses on Mr. John Knightley, younger brother of the male lead in Emma — he’s a minor character with a few key interactions. When introduced to John Knightley in Emma, we are told that “The extreme sweetness of [his wife’s] temper must hurt his.” In other words, Isabella — his wife — is blind to John’s occasional crotchedyness and does not call him to account.

And I wondered, What if Isabella were to die and John were to remarry someone not so sweet? Continue reading Writing Process Blog Tour: Life’s Shiny Facets and Dark Pain