Why do I Blog?

Going live with this blog has motivated me to write more consistently in an “AUGH! I’ve begun and I’d better keep going!” kind of way. Keeping a journal certainly wasn’t providing the motivation, so I’m glad I’ve found something that has. Recently, I was allowed to guest blog on New Year’s Eve. Writing that post renewed my hunger to write more.

As I mentioned in my first interview as a writer,  I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature. Toward the end of my University days, I realized that I had no interest in continuing to write about other people’s work or becoming a professor of literature. Instead, I had a desire to write my own stories and observations. Twenty-one years later I’m finally putting some teeth on that dream.

A few years after being graduated from University of California at Santa Cruz (UCSC), Todd and I married . Together we lived on a sailboat for eight years, sailed north to Canada, south to Mexico, west across the South Pacific and south again to New Zealand. We lived in New Zealand for three years and while there I gave birth to our first child, Jessica. And then depression hit. I still battle that beast. Thumbnail of a long story: when Jessica was twenty months old, we moved to the Sun Valley, Idaho area. A year and a half later, I gave birth to our second child, David. During Summer 2013, we traveled as a family to S.E. Asia and back to New Zealand: www.sheepwagon.net.

As the children have grown older, the desire to write fiction has been a vague dream burning on pilot light. Last October, I stumbled upon www.FaithWriters.com where they have a weekly writing challenge. There, I submitted my first piece of fiction, which has become this blog’s first post. Somewhere along the road of my life I heard tales of NaNoWriMo: National Novel Writing Month, which happens each November. It was the end of October 2013, I had met my first writing goal with my Faith Writers submission and decided to go for the NaNoWriMo gold ring: 50,000 words written in a rough draft in one month. I embarked on my new goal November 1st and by November 28th had succeeded!

All my life I have loved literature. In University I discovered I could read great literature, write papers and earn a degree. I love to learn through fiction. And the Author of Life teaches through story in His Word: the Bible. I want to honor God in all that I do. Some days I do that better than others.

So, my current reasons for blogging:

  • Give voice to the thoughts and ideas running around in my head
  • Practice my writing craft
  • Honor God with the talents He’s given me

If you blog, what are your reasons for doing so?

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