Pure Transgressions — #NaNoWriMo 2014 Winner

My NaNoWriMo self-awarded mug
My NaNoWriMo self-awarded mug

So, as in 2013, I won NaNoWriMo again in 2014, but forgot to mention it here on my blog.

Pure Transgressions: Synopsis

A young woman heads off to college. Within a campus Christian fellowship, she is befriended by a charming young man, who woos her, wins her, and dominates her life until she dumps him. A few weeks later, he is found dead in her kitchen and she is found covered in his blood. She claims self-defense, but neighbors heard arguing that give credence to suspicions of a murder of rage. What happened just before the young man’s death? How innocent or guilty is the young woman? Irregardless of the legal determination, how will she fare in the court of public opinion?


“Nine-One-One. What is the location of the emergency?”

Woman’s voice: “I think… I think he’s dead.”

911 Dispatcher: “What is the location of the emergency?”

Woman: “He’s not bleeding anymore.”

911 Dispatcher: “Where are you located, ma’am?”

Woman: “The Casa Decimoquito apartments.”

911 Dispatcher: “At the university?”

Woman: “Yes.”

911 Dispatcher: “What apartment number?”

Woman: “Two-fourteen.”

911 Dispatcher: “Is the man there, too?”

Woman: “Yes. He — He’s dead. I stabbed him.”